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Traditional & Spiritual Counsellor,
Coach & Psychotherapist
Available for one to one counselling in person, by phone or on Skype.

About Nick

Nick is a traditional and spiritual counsellor, coach and psychotherapist. He is a teacher and lecturer of  New Thought, Metaphysics and A Course in Miracles. an international public speaker, seminar and workshop leader and facilitator .  Nick has inspired thousands with his clarity, humour and dedication to the Truth. He is author of ‘An Invitation to the Awakening Heart’ (available on Amazon)


Nick discovered A Course in Miracles in 1984 after spending ten years studying Psychology and the Science of Mind. The ‘Course’ is a system of spiritual psychology containing a synthesis of the teachings that lie at the core of the world’s religions, together with psychological insight. It has touched the lives of millions of people around the world.

"As soon as I started to read the 'Course' I knew that this was what I had been searching for. It answered every question for me and importantly provided a practical means by which to change my mind from its habitual patterns of wrong thinking to the thoughts that create peace and well-being. I started teaching the Course very soon afterwards, having recognised that to teach is to learn, and held groups in Bournemouth and Spain, before founding ‘The Centre for Inner Peace’ (the first Miracles Centre in the UK) in 1992 and in 2015 the retreat that is ‘September Cottage’, a beautiful peaceful haven set in seventeen acres in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside with views to the Malvern Hills.  Here, my wife Anne and I have dedicated ourselves to creating an environment in which those seeking inner peace may be inspired and learn and work with the teachings of the course. "

Over the years Nick has facilitated thousands of group meetings in which he has personally developed an understanding of the mind and its operation. He also has spent many hours counselling  and working with the long-term life improvement process.


Throughout this intensive learning period, there have been thousands of demonstrations of the power of changing perceptions. Healings have occurred in relationships, in the body and in finances to prove what Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind stated: "The purpose of these teachings is to prove the power of spiritual thought force in overcoming all apparent material resistance"


"It is my personal belief that we should live in tune with the Infinite expressing the qualities of Unconditional Love, Exhilarating Life and Vibrant Light. When these qualities are awakened in us, they extend into the world as rewarding relationships, peaceful conditions, health filled bodies, inspired creativity and financial well being".



What Nick Offers

The Teaching

Throughout the year, Nick holds regular seminars and workshops on specific subjects relating to the teachings. These include talks, modes of practice, and also incorporate meditation. Seminars and workshops are also offered by a range of National and International guest teachers on their various specialist subject disciplines.


There are weekly 'Miracle' and 'Meditation' groups that offer the opportunity to work together on practical lessons, theory and meditation. Groups are held during the day and in the evenings.

Life Coaching

For those who wish to work on an individual basis, one-to-one teaching sessions are held during the day. These are available by appointment only and run for approx. one hour. They can be in person, by phone or on Skype, depending on your preferance. The cost per session is £40.


Many students discover personal blocks to their success and to help clarify these, and work at overcoming them, Nick offers one-to-one counselling.

This counselling has developed from original training in Science of Mind and focuses on achieving solution. In the sessions there is a balance of listening and feedback that will enable new insights to be experienced. Through insights past difficulties and blocks are dispelled enabling continuity of development. Counselling is available by appointment only and last approx. one hour. They can be in person, by phone or on Skype, depending on your preferance. The cost per session is £40.

AN invitation to the awakening heart

An Invitation to the Awakening Heart is a call to listen to the indwelling spirit that speaks to us all. Through listening we are naturally drawn into the awareness of what we really are, and this awakens the heart of our being into a new life of Love, Peace and Joy. The overall experience of inner communion is that regardless of all appearances we are safe, healed, loved and whole and that truly, all is well.


"Nick Davis' wonderful book is a call to listen to the Holy Spirit. As A Course in Miracles says, "All are called, but few choose to listen." Nick has chosen to listen, and so can you! I have met and listened to Nick in person, and I highly recommend his work." - Gary Renard.

An Invitation to the Awakening Heart is Available for £7.99 on Amazon or you can order directly from Nick via the Contact page.

What Nick Offers

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