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Tuning in today for an Easter Message

Awaken and be glad. This is the time of awakening from the slumber of forgetfulness. You have arisen with me from the ashes of despair into the joy of re-union with our Creator, it has already happened, the past is over, sin is gone because it has been seen through and realised as nothing but a silly dream. Celebrate with me the joy of remembering, every instant is holy because another part of the mind is having its dawn. And now the day is here with light radiating its warmth, stirring life within and opening up its beauty.

Look around you, see Me, see the One who sets free all those that bind themselves, without knowing it, to an ancient thought long gone because of the fear of choosing again. I call again and again, choose me, choose life, choose love and most of all choose happiness, for this is truly what Easter is about.

The happiness of freedom, released from the darkness of the earth, is seen shoots rising upwards towards the light, starved of the warmth of the sun they bathe in the rays and it is the rays themselves that lift them into blossoming. The faces of the flowering blooms give off their smiles and release their blissful scents. They all sing forth, the light has come, the light has come. Easter is here and I am free. Yes I am free!

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