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Inspired guidance on 'Being With What Is'.

In Love you live and move and have your being, this is the truth, this is Reality. Everything else is perception, judgement rather than direct experience. You are now moving away from thoughts of opinion, belief, suggestion and judgement of good and bad, right and wrong- this is enabling you to know more. I am leading you back to knowledge but the first major step is to be with the facts…so to speak! They are NOT the facts in terms of God’s Creation but they ARE the facts in relation to your personal dream. In the dream it is a fact that the sun rises and the sun sets, that you walk with your feet on the ground, that you have a body to communicate with. All these things are seemingly present and solid to you. I am encouraging you to more and more be with these things and not ‘opinionate’ about them. I would also like you to accept them in the sense of not wanting them to be different from the way they are. If the weather is cloudy and overcast, be with that and do not enter into wishing it to be sunny. If there is a full moon, be with that.

Be very clear with yourself. I am not asking you to be with your opinion of things- the false perceptions- just to be with the things that seem to have substance. Notice and acknowledge what is physically there. You may think this is bringing you into the illusion but it is a training for the awareness to stop the shifting of attention to perceptual thought that characterises mind wandering. What if you stop wandering? Well, you become still and in stillness you find the Peace of God.

Be with what is and you will find God beside you, being with you and that, is very nice.

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