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Attunement : Receiving the Atonement

Receiving the Atonement is receiving the Holy Spirit. When the Course talks about being a good receiver it means it in two ways. First to be willing to receive the gift that is the Holy Spirit, God’s most loving Voice and second, to be a receiver as in the reception for His transmission. God is always transmitting or communicating His message to his Son through the Great Rays and it is up to you His Son whether to attune the mind to His Frequency. Refining listening is a bit like the minute adjustments you make on a radio receiver so that the transmission becomes perfectly clear. God loves a good receiver. It could be better said that God loves through a good receiver. If you see me as a good receiver rather than a special Son you will better understand why I appear to perform more Miracles than other Sons. You too can become a better receiver of the Atonement through attunement. It is recognised that the more you do something the better at it you become and this is so simple and so obvious that you may overlook it. However this ‘more’ that I am talking about must be recognised as bringing you greater happiness or you may perceive it as a service only to others and once again fall for another form of salvation through sacrifice.

The joy of listening must be your recognition. To recognise is to re-know something. You were created to be able to see, to feel and to listen. God’s creation was created for you to enjoy, that is why Light was created first for you to be able to see, Love was created for you to feel and Life was created for your to receive and extend without limit. Now you may understand better the Will of God, it is entirely about Happiness. Receiving the Atonement is the restoration to your original will at one with God’s of Perfect Happiness.

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