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What is the peace that passes all understanding?

Morning Attunement 4th November 2014 :

A: You think you know what peace is and you are right but your perception of what peace is, has replaced that knowledge in your mind and is consequently the misunderstanding of what peace is. It is this misunderstanding of what peace is that needs to be released. If you are willing to accept that this knowledge of peace is hidden in your mind and so you can’t see it, I can then uncover it for you by going past your understanding. Perception is a trap but I must use it to set you free. Perception is based on the meanings you put on everything that you see and experience. Your perception of everything is that it takes away your peace. If I tell you that everything and everyone is returning your peace to you, how do you feel?

This ends conflict because everyone and everything is serving the purpose of restoring you to peace and so you can be in peace now. It is the peace produced by correct perception that enables you to remember or recognise that peace you truly are and that God is.

I have always been helping you to regain peace but you have misperceived my help and so consequently you have not seen it. When I said I am with you always, I truly meant it. I am with you and everyone and everything and this means you can be at peace.

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