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Easter Message 2017

What is your Easter Message for me?

‘I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly’. The whole message of Easter is about Life. I said, ‘I am the Life’ and I was not referring to a body when I said I am. I am the Mind that is Christ, the Mind that is in you awaiting to be reborn into expression. I like Easter being in the Springtime as it so clearly demonstrates the rebirth that occurs in nature. The plants arise from their beds, the birds and animals awaken, the trees clothe themselves with fresh leaves and the earth itself seems to visibly move into creation.

I am the life, the life that my word awakens in you from its dormancy into joy. Life is happiness, it is the purpose of all that lives. And all that lives is forever living. There is no struggling in living, no efforting or fighting. Life is natural, spontaneous, easing always into each moment, flowing like water carried by the pull of the ocean. My message for you is to know that you are not the body but the stream of life itself. Release every thought of struggle and effort, argue with nothing for every obstacle is flown over just as water will not be blocked on its chosen path, it is carried effortlessly by its own weight and the gravitational pull of its source. On its journey it extends vitality to all that it passes just as you do when you know I am the Life in you.

For you, like me , have come that you may give life that all may have it more abundantly.

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