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Tuning in for Everyday Miracles

The purpose of miracles is to set you free from your perception of separation. They are to demonstrate that you have never left Love and that Love has never left you or you might like to hear that you have never left God and God has never left you.

In this world God communicates to you through miracles, they are His Expression of His Love for you, your miracles are your expressions of love for your brother. Love is Reality, Love is Everything in the sense that it is the only thing that has any meaning. Your purpose is loving, God’s purpose is loving.

The darkness that is referred to in the Course is the ignorance, the block to seeing Love. To ignore is to not look, to not see. It is a grievance, a sulk, petulance, it is ego! It is wanting something that is impossible, that Love not be present everywhere. Darkness is illusion, the impossible dream.

The Light, the wanting to see, enables the seeing of love again. When you want to see, you will see and you will see miracles, expressions of love all around you and also being born again in you. As you open more to this seeing there will be a greater desire for giving expressions of love, miracles.

The desire to see, the wanting to see is far stronger than fighting against seeing which is inherently weak because it is based on an effort to not see, to ignore Reality. Forgiveness is the decision to see, based on the letting go of and not wanting to see the Love that is ever present. It is founded on a moment of grievance- not having things the way you wanted them- your own special thought. It is a perceptual temper tantrum, my way or nothing! ‘God must change because I’m not going to’.

Now you can see the real miracle. What inspires you to change your mind? Who inspires you to change your mind?

The answer is that missing Love/God will become too much for you and then a real prayer is going to be prayed. ‘I am willing to change the way I see’.

What would you have me do to set myself free from this torment?

The answer is a miracle. Once you have had one, then you will want them every day until you are fully seeing the Reality of Love Eternally. How many times a day do you want to change your mind?

The more you want the miracle, the stronger you become connected to the Love within and it is this Oneness that becomes the Everyday Miracle.

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