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There is no lack.

When I run a play shop, I often start the day with a question to the within. For our day on 'There is no lack: Giving from the boundless within' the question was :

What would you like to say to me regarding there is no lack?

All lack comes from false identification. If you identify your self as a body then you are immediately associating you self with lack. The body is a limit, made from the thought of separation and therefore a symbol of lack.

Vision enables you to see yourself as a mind, connected and at one with the Mind of God and this correct identification restores you to Abundance. In the Mind there is no lack. Everything that ‘God is’ is in you. This recognition, and that is all that is required, means that you will radiate all that is in the boundless within.

It may be difficult for you to accept that this is the only requirement for the return to Abundance because of your learning of doing rather than being. Being is expressed in the two words ‘I am’ and I said ‘I am the life; I am the life abundant, in me there is no lack.

The purpose of consciousness is to increase your knowingness of the truth of this statement and increase is accomplished by giving. The more you give the vision that everyone is mind and not a body, the more knowingness of the truth of this realisation occurs. This increase will lead to a point where you shift into knowledge or revelation in which there is no doubt or fear.

Everyone will experience this because this is their truth now. Only the thought of time distorts this awareness making it look as if it is a future state.

Giving is the means of healing the mind, converting false perception to correct perception until the shift occurs and you are able to say with me, ‘I am the Life Abundant’.

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