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Christmas as a Reminder of Home

Dear All,

Our abundant thanks and good wishes to you all for all your wonderful support throughout this rather unusual year in the world - it has been truly appreciated.

We are sorry to say that in line with the current restrictions groups have been suspended for the time being. This is the first year in thirty years that we have not been able to gather together in our numbers for Christmas celebrations and feasts but we shall save those celebrations for when we can all come together again !

Whilst we cannot gather in our numbers, the teaching and counselling seems busier than ever in these worldly challenging times. Sessions can be booked via skype or by telephone on 01886 288295 or by e-mail

This has been a year of 'staying at home' but lets remember where our true home is...

Christmas as a Reminder of Home

One way of seeing the year that is 2020 is that it was the year that homesickness was universally experienced. Mankind has been away from home a long time, not that it is talked about, as in forgetfulness we have become familiar with this strange world and rationalise that somehow , somewhere in the future the world would become beautiful and heavenly. However, as our dreams change to dust and our best intentions end in failure the homesickness seems to come upon us and we are given the opportunity to think again and maybe remember our real home.

Our real home is in the Creator, the great realm of Love from which all of us are expressed . It can be experienced by going within, into the great stillness where the silent door welcomes the quiet ones to enter and find themselves immersed in the glorious recognition of eternal joy that is the very nature of creation.

By this returning , we encourage through our thoughts , others to think again and follow the pathway to the heaven within which heals all sorrow and restores the shining to our eyes.

This Christmas can be a time where all the symbols of celebration can be seen as reminders of our real home. Although they are forms to enjoy in our temporary dwellings in the world of illusions they can be miracles, ways to trigger our memories from the home within and heal the homesickness brought on by the dream of separation from our Creator and lead us back on the journey through perception to the original ideas that were born in Heaven.

Our strings of lights reflect the beautiful light of truth that illumines the Son of God enabling the seeing of the perfect creation that is the delight of the Creator. The tree is the symbol of the tree of life whose fruit is the abundance of vitality that arises in every Holy Instant.

The gifts we wrap so carefully for the excitement of another are the communications of Love that are the essence of living in the Heart of the Creator, the boundless Source of Love.

We enjoy our favourite meal of the year , let us remember that this is spoken about in the bible as the feast of celebration as another prodigal remembers the Father and returns from the distant land to the home within where the Mind of the Creator serves all the Sons of God with the highest and the best.

And we sing, the songs with the words long ago written of faith and angels , of glory and light, of the Christ child who left home to bring us back home.

Homesickness can be healed at Christmas when we remember the purpose it serves, for miracles are expressions of Love, visions of the Truth behind forms, the tinkling bells of awakening that bring us out of dreams of separation into radiant oneness in which we truly live and move and have our being, our home in the heart of Love itself.

Wishing you all a glorious Christmas

and Wonderful 2021

Abundant Love

Nick and Anne


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