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The Open Door to the Eternal

Everyone has an eternal Self which is part of the One Self. This Self lives in God the ‘Presence of Love’. When you return to your Senses, which are the inner senses of the mind rather than the body, those senses are aware of the Presence and that all selves exist in this Presence. I said ‘before Abraham was, I am’, this was my recognition of my Self which is the first and the last. In between those two instants is nothing. To deny who you are does not change you at all, it simply makes a state of mind that is deluded. As a deluded mind has to see something that it believes is there, it pictures the body. The picture seems to have a life of its own and then the mind temporarily identifies with it. This is explained in the ‘Hero of the Dream’. Whilst this happens the Self appears to be asleep and the dream real.

I am the awakened Self and if you will simply let go of your identifying with the body or seeing your self as a body and others as bodies , you will see me- the awakened Self and in my Presence, you will remember.

See no-one as a body, this is not an act that requires effort, it is a decision: I want to think of no-one as a body. Your thoughts will then go past the body and you see the Thinker- the ‘I’ that is behind the thought. This ‘I’ lives in the Presence , you have entered the realm of the Eternal and here is peace because no change ever occurs in the Eternal.

Practice this today, say to your self- I want to see beyond the body. I instruct my thoughts to think of no-one as a body. My Voice will lead your thoughts gently into the Presence and you will have the knowledge that I have, Christ’s Vision and you will be in Joy.

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