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New Year's Day Message

What message do you have for me for the New Year ?

The symbol that is the New Year is the time of new beginnings. It is a promise of hope for a better way, a new way of seeing life and the world. It is also the opportunity for you to completely let go of the past , your perceived failings and your personal successes, your grievances against those who have not lived up to your ideals or failed to do what you wanted them to do. Now you can decide to see that you and everyone have played their part to present you with the opportunity to choose again.

The New Year holds both release and potential. You have heard me say many times in your mind to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again. Do you not think that this is what the whole world is doing? Nature demonstrates this with the Spring and if you watch closely you may see it in all the plant life and creatures of the earth. This is the Spirit that moves the world of form, the desire to be free, to be uncontained, boundless and fulfil all that is within the seed of thought.

Choose today to feel the stirrings of spirit within you. See it in the desire for greater health; see it in the cravings to be more loved and more loving; in the want to be a better person; a kinder you, a more generous spirit in a world of cynicism.

Most of all take this thought with you as you step into the precious time of the new moment. Whatever you choose for yourself, a more forgiving habit, a positive affirmation, a goal to see your destiny as a fulfilled soul, to make a more beautiful home or to serve in your work with greater service or dedication, everything that you do for yourself, you do for me. In fact, you do it for everyone. We are One Great Person of Light and in the spirit of lifting yourself again, into the promise of the ‘new’, you choose for All. Maybe no one acknowledges or seems to see it, but I do and I am so grateful and would have you be aware of my gratitude as you say this:

My new start is my dedication

To Life and the Real Me

For I am the Holy One

Who loves and is loving

And awakens again

In this precious New Year.

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