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The Magnificent Mirror

I have referred to the world as a looking glass and that it is as if you have been looking through a glass darkly. You cannot see into a mirror in the dark but only in the light. When the light is behind you, you can see the images that reflect what is there.

I have given you a great light , ' Your thoughts are images you have made'. The world you see is reflected thought. The thoughts you think are your dream. You see your own thoughts.

Once this principle is realised then you can exchange your thoughts for God's and you will see a very different world.

What I would like you to really see is what a gift the mirror is, without it your thoughts are in the dark, in the void. And in this void no change can take place. The mirror is the means of change, the way that you can escape the world of darkness and return to the Heaven of Light in which you were created.

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